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Image of the Moore Medal.

The Moore Medal

The International Marine Minerals Society presents The Moore Medal* award on occasion when the career of an eminent figure in marine mining and mineral activities warrants such an honor.

The award is given in the name of Professor J. Robert (Robby) Moore for distinction in the development of marine minerals. Professor Moore conducted marine minerals research at University of Wales, Aberystwyth Campus, Great Britain, and the Universities of Harvard, Wisconsin, Alaska, and Texas in the United States. He was committed to the intelligent integration of government, industry, and academia to address the development of marine minerals.

The following is a list of prominent recipients:

Image of Sup Hong, Yang Ning, and Mrs Yang

Yang Ning (center), 2019 Moore Award recipient, flanked by 2018 recipient Sup Hong (left) and Dr Yang’s wife, in Hainan, China.

Image of Sup Hong and Robert Gooden

Sup Hong, 2018 Moore Award, with IMMS President Robert Gooden in Bergen, Norway.

Image of Akira Usu and Georgy Cherkashov

Akira Usui with David Cronan, each a recipient of The Moore Award for 2014.

Image of David Heydon

David Heydon recipient of The Moore Award for 2012 for his role in establishing an industry for the deep-sea mining of seafloor massive sulfides.

Image of Steven Scott

Steven D. Scott, recipient of The Moore Award for 2011 (standing next to Sang Joon Pak of KORDI) at the 40th Underwater Minerals Conference, ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center, Hilo, HI. (Photo by SR Lee, KIGAM.)

Image of Alexander Malahoff

2007 Moore Medal recipient Alexander Malahoff (second from right) with IMMS President Akira Usui (second from left), UMI Chair Charles Morgan (right), and John Wiltshire (Associate Director, Hawai‘i Undersea Research Laboratory, left) at the University of Tokyo. Click on the image to open a larger version.

* The Moore Medal is a bronze medallion of Robby Moore mounted on a laser-engraved wooden plaque. The medallion was designed by Robert W. Cooke, exploration manager for the International Nickel deep seabed mining consortium, and who is now a full time artist in Arizona.

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Other Notable Awards

Outstanding Awards of 1989

In 1989, the Society recognized those who had made notable contributions to the marine mining industry. They are as follows:

Lifetime Membership Award

This award was first awarded in 1979 on the 10th anniversary of the Underwater Minerals Conference to Mr. Lorne Wrigglesworth who dedicated his professional career to the Falconbridge Group of companies for nearly 40 years and for nearly a decade beyond as an independent ore reserves consultant. Throughout this span he remained an active member of the UMI and a strong advocate of the Society. See the certificate PDF.

The second award was given in 2002 to Dorothy Taylor Moore who was an active supporter of the mission and objectives of the Society throughout “Robby” Moore’s lifetime. See the award PDF.

In 2016, this award was presented to Karynne Chong Morgan who served as the Society’s administrative and conference coordinator. Alongside her husband, Technical Program Chair Charles L. Morgan, they were partners in supporting the Society and the Underwater Minerals Conference (UMC) for nearly three decades. See the award PDF.

Image of John Wiltshire

John Wiltshire, 2018 Lifetime Membership Award, in Bergen, Norway.

In 2018, John Wiltshire recieved the Lifetime Membership Award. Dr. Wiltshire was a Founding Member of the International Marine Minerals Society in 1987 and has been its Treasurer since 1995. He has attended if not every, then nearly every, Underwater Minerals Institutes and Conferences, which are almost a half century in number and thriving. See the award PDF.

Student Awards

Kira Mizell, IMMS Secretary/Editor, presented the Student Awards to the following:

Anna Firstova and Kira Mizell

Anna Firstova
“Best Student Poster Presentation”
(See the award PDF)

Kira Mizell and Sebastian Graber

Sebastian Graber
GEOMAR-Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
“Best Student Oral Presentation”
(See the award PDF)

Kira Mizell and Dennis Sánchez Mora

Dennis Sánchez Mora
Memorial University of Newfoundland
“Best Student Abstract”
(See the award PDF)

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