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The International Marine Minerals Society (IMMS) is a professional society (non profit 501(c)(6) corporation) whose members share a common interest in marine minerals as a resource for study and sound application to meet world demands for strategic minerals. Founded in 1987, IMMS includes a worldwide membership of individuals from industry, government agencies, and academic institutions.

The primary objectives of IMMS are:

IMMS is the primary sponsor of the Underwater Minerals Conference (UMC)—an international forum that brings together the marine mining community to exchange ideas and foster partnerships for research, exploration, and mining ventures. The Society supports graduate student participation in the UMC and conducts its general membership and executive board meetings in conjunction with the UMC. Members of the Society receive advance access to UMC abstracts, timely Soundings (e-messages, some being exclusive early releases), and contact information to other key members within this unique community. IMMS archives the UMC abstracts at, the online digital library (beta) for the entire mining and minerals community. Searches are free, but access to documents is limited to members of professional societies such as IMMS. Registration to OneMine requires a one-time use of your IMMS Customer No. ID. The rest is easy.

IMMS, on occasion, presents its highest honor, The Moore Medal, to those who have contributed notably to the objectives and initiatives of the Society. This award, named after UMC and IMMS founder, J. Robert Moore, is a reflection of the long and distinguished career he fulfilled in the advancement marine minerals research, development, and management.

Please see the list of 1987 Founding Members (PDF).

Contact Information:

  • IMMS Administrative Office
  • Laura Azevedo
  • University of South Florida
  • College of Marine Science
  • 140 7th Ave S, MSL 140E
  • St. Petersburg, FL USA 33701




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